Aron Govea
Theater am Olgaeck

Aron Govea 

mexican Jazz

Aròn Govea 1966
Born in Guamùchil, Sinaloa, Mèxico.
Composer and guitar player.
Cathedratic guitar teacher
Concerts in United States, Europe, Russia, Central America and many mexican cities.
Studies with James Kline, Gonzalo Salazar and Valery Krunchevko.
Works for symphonic orchestra, symphonic band, string quartet, wind quintet, violin, piano, guitar, teather play, dancing and different ensembles.
Cd “Corazòn Herido” 2004

Works performed by:

OSSLA (Orquesta sinfònica Sinaloa de las artes)
The Mèxico city string quartet
Sinaloa symphonic band
Ensemble Aventure
OSSLA string quartet
Gonzalo Salazar
Zlatina Valkova


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